Krystal Antoinetta (previously known as An Enchanted Krystal) is my Perth Dressmaking business. I specialize in creating  made to measure one-off  Ball dresses, fashion dresses and some fashion garments. I created this business for the girls who rock their own individual style and have a vision of what they want to wear and/or have trouble finding clothes to fit them properly. We all have our fit troubles; some clothes might be too long or too short, or maybe something fits your bum but the waist is too big, or you have trouble finding things to fit your boobs. I could go on and on because there is so many fit troubles out there. My mission is to bring your style vision to life AND to make it in the right fit custom made just for you! We can collaborate on your dream design or you can choose one of my original designs. I do not repeat ball dress designs or custom designs to ensure that it is made especially and only for you!  

I have also recently designed some original prints to be printed onto T-shirts to promote the importance of being kind. The designs are printed onto T-shirts by an Australian based company. If you also believe a better world is a kinder world; check out my T-shirt designs today!

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My Dressmaking Process

1. You choose one of my unique designs or we can collaborate on your dream design for free.
2. I send you a free quote.
3. If you are happy to go ahead I will require a 50% deposit for initial fabric and patternmaking costs. I will send you a PayPal invoice for this.
4. You take your body measurements and then email them to me (view the Sizing page for a guide).
5. Using your measurements; I will draw up a custom dress block that I will use to create the pattern pieces.
6. I will cut and make a prototype (sample).
7. In my studio I have a dressmaking mannequin that I adjust to your measurements (it becomes your body double!) and I use this to check the fit of the prototype.
8. After all adjustments have been made to the pattern pieces, I will cut and make the final garment! After the garment is finished I will send you another PayPal invoice for the final payment. Once this is paid I will send you the finished garment. 
All designing, patternmaking and sewing is done in my Western Australia studio.
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History of the Dressmaker

I have loved coming up with ideas and making them ever since I can remember. I started sewing at 11 years old and never stopped. I too have visions of what i want to wear! After finishing school, I studied Fashion Design at Swan TAFE (now Polytechnic West). I have also worked in Women's wear in retail for several years. I have enjoyed helping many customers to find outfits to suit their body shapes, heights, likes and dislikes etc.  All of my years sewing and helping customers in retail has given me lots of experience and knowledge in garment construction, body shapes, styling, different types of fabrics and customer service. I am very passionate about helping people to create their own individual fashion style that fits them like a glove! 

Email: k.a.dressmaking@outlook.com

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