Frequently Asked Questions

1.How long does it take to make a dress?
= It usually takes about three months for a ball dress and 2 months for other fashion dresses/items as I am are starting from scratch.
2. Do you make Wedding dresses or Bridesmaid dresses?
= No I do not sorry.
3.What fabrics do you use to make the ball dresses?
= A variety of polyester fabrics.
4. What fabrics do you use to make the sun dresses?
= 100% Cotton, cotton blend or viscose/rayon fabrics to keep you feeling cool in warm weather.
5. Can you make the dress design I have in mind?
= You can email me a sketch or description of your dream dress or fashion garment design and I can let you know if I can make it.
6. Can I change parts of one of your designs?
= Yes! You can send me an email and tell me which design you would like and what you would like to change. I will  send you back a sketch for your approval.
7. How will you make sure my dress/garment fits me?
= Using your measurements, I will create a size block, then I will use this block to create the pattern peices for the dress/garment. I also have an adjustable mannequin in my studio that I adjust to your measurements (it becomes your body double). One or two sample dresses/garments are made before the final dress/garment so that I can check the fit and style lines are perfect.
8. How do I measure myself?
= Check out the Sizing page for instructions.
9. My measurements don't match the ones on your sizing chart. Can you make a dress/garment to match my individual measurements?
= Yes.
10. How do I pay?
= I will send you a PayPal invoice for the initial deposit and then another one for the final payment when your dress is finished. All payments will be through PayPal as this is a well known and trusted payment gateway.
11. How much does shipping cost?
=Ball Dresses: These will be sent in a box for $15
Fashion Dresses/Items: These will be sent in a satchel for $10.
For more information check out our Shipping page.
12. Do you ship overseas?
=No we do not sorry.
13. Do you repeat dress designs?
= I do not repeat ball dress designs. If you order your own original dress design, I do not repeat this either.
14. What sizes do you make?
= Australian size XXS (4-6) to XL (14-16).
15. What other fashion items/garments do you make?
= I also make skirts and tops.
If you have anymore questions please feel free to email me at: